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Making Global Islamic Guidelines for Education


I quote:
The Global Guidelines for Early Childhood Education and Care in the 21st Century were developed as a collaborative project between the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) and the World Organization for Early Childhood (OMEP). The project's intent was to provide guidance concerning the fundamental elements that are necessary to create high-quality environments for early care and education. In 1999, an international symposium was co-sponsored by OMEP and ACEI in Ruschlikon, Switzerland. More than 80 professionals from 27 countries and every continent except Antarctica attended the symposium. The result of this meeting was the creation of the Global Guidelines (Wortham, 2001, 2003). An international work group articulated five premises that form the foundation for the Global Guidelines:
* Global Guidelines Premise #1: Children are both the present and the future of every nation. Children have needs, rights, and intrinsic worth that must be recognized and supported.
* Global Guidelines Premise #2: Every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a setting that values children, provides conditions for a safe and secure environment, and respects diversity.
* Global Guidelines Premise #3: Knowledge about human development is more substantial than at any other time in history. The new century offers opportunities to consolidate recent gains and to respond to new challenges that lie ahead.
* Global Guidelines Premise #4: Children must receive appropriate nurture and education within and outside their families from birth onward, if they are to develop optimally.
* Global Guidelines Premise #5: Paying attention to the health, nutrition, education, and psycho-social development of children during their early years is essential for the future well-being of nations and the global community.
These are the guidelines by those outside the abode of Islam. Those who do not know that their life's purpose is to worship Allah, spend maximum time and energies and utilize the engine of education optimally, we, the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad on whom Allah revealed His final Book, who purified people and taught them the Book and Wisdom, cannot come up with an educational model which be the Mercy for whole humanity!

Request: You can take 2-3 weeks, contact scholars and ulema; read Quran and other books, and then try coming up/developing 5-6 premises from the knowledge you gain on the Global Islamic Guidelines for Education (GIGE) that can be applied to a school I am working on.

Would you not reflect!

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  1. you have given a real challenge...
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