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Qada Umari: Making up Salats Missed in a Lifetime

By Mufti Shafiq Jakhura

Q. Is there any proof from authentic ahadith of Qada Umari?

A."Hazrat Anas ibn Maalik (R.A.) narrates in a hadith of Sahih Bukhari that Rasulullah mentioned:
من نسي صلاة فليصل اذا ذكرها لا كفارة لها الا ذلك
" Whoever forgets to pray a Salah, it is obligatory upon him that he pray that Salah when he remembers. There is no other way that this can be made up." ( Sahih Bukhari , Kitaabul Mawaaqeet - Hadith 597)
The words of Rasulullah in a hadith of Muslim are as follows:
اذا رقد احدكم عن الصلاة او غفل عنها فليصل اذا ذكرها فان الله عز و جل يقول اقم الصلاة لذكري
" Whenever one of you misses a Salah due to sleeping or due to negligence, it is obligatory upon him that he pray the Salah when he remembers it because Allah (SWT) has metioned, "Perform Salah when you remember me" (Hadith 1569)
In a Hadith of Sunan Nas'ai it is mentioned:
سئل رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم عن الرجل يرقد عن الصلاة او يغفل عنها قال كفارتها ان يصلها اذا ذكرها
" Rasulullah was asked regarding a person who misses a Salah due to sleep or negligence. Rasulullah mentioned that its compensation is that he should perform the Salah when he remembers. "(Nasaai p 171)
These Ahadith as well as many others are clear that any Salah that has been missed must be performed when one remembers. In fact the ayah of the Qur’an recited by Rasulullah in the hadith of Muslim above, also indicates that this ayah of the Holy Quran refers to qada Salah as well, as it was recited in the context of qada.

There is a consensus among the jurists that qada must be made for missed Salahs.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best!


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