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What New?

What, why and how do we need to change when the needs of the soul, psychology of being, rights of God and perennial needs of society have not changed and do not change?


  1. Well, what are the needs of soul? The most important is to have an ideal. That ideal has to be followed and that requires the motivation of letting go the environment you are in. the thing Allah said to prophet (s.a.w) in His 2nd revelation. It changed everything for prophet (s.a.w).
    what is the psychology of being?
    That it has to pass away from this temporary abode to meet its creator and for that it has to follow the guidelines. for that it has to persevere (for change)
    what are the perennial needs of the society?
    that it requires balance and continuity. how will this balance be maintained? by evolving to new challenges and solving problems with the light of Quran and sunnah. (That requires change)

  2. Beautifully explained and summed up. These questions are so deep, pervasive, important and central that continual effort is required to understand, argue back and forth, codify and propagate interpretations from various traditional Islamic view points for young and adult generations of muslims world wide.

    The notable exceptions at highest philosophical levels that come to my mind include the class of ulema, thinkers like iqbal, seyyed hossein nasr, and non-reformist/modernist thinkers and activists.

    I believe west is more in need of explanation of these questions. What can ultimately deter from complete assimilation of these ideas by intellectual elites is scientific fields like evolution and higher physics, in which we desparately need independent muslim scientists... i guess i have rambled too much


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