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Offensive or Curious?

Today i got results of a quiz and assignment in a course . It was depressing, although as a whole i'd get 5/5, but individually i was way behind the toppers. Complacency was the problem. i've not been taking it passionately, often dozing in the class. The result of quiz/assignment was a message to change, and i decided not to miss any opportunity of participation and questioning from that moment on. Usually, my classmates appreciate quietness, and deem speaking/questioning in classroom as an impure state of mind, which can rust their faculties. They believe and act on it only during class time. The moment the painful hours finish off, the oily tongues are unleashed :P :D. (No they're sweet people too...)

So i charged, and multiple times asked questions just out of excitement that i wanted to create in myself. i tried to comment on every element in the topic. Instructor found some questions wide off the mark as it were mere anticipation, and were beyond the scope of discussion. He critiqued the irrelevance of some points, which i did not pay heed to, and despite roars of laughter by the audience (class), i tried to participate to the maximum.

Was this offensive? May be because i's smiling and often laughed when instructor asked to stop being productive... May be i didn't ask questions with more linguistic respect... Yes, questions were out of excitement and curiosity, but it did not fit the temperament of the new instructor, because in many other classes, we're snubbed for not participating... Also because in other courses, teacher doesn't allow one person to ask questions, but our instructor didn't turn down my question/comment whenever i raised my hand... In future i'd try to ask questions that fall in the scope of the topic being discussed, and focus on qualitative comments which combine couple(s) of topics and are case-based...

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