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To home at last!

The phrase (=title) is reminiscint of Free at last! for both express same feeling :D I live in another city, although in a home, minus father, rest of family lives in Sargodha. Its Friday, and tomorrow's school holiday. i get homesick quickly, as i study more at home ('cause there's little else to do there ;). its been a month i've not seen mother, ammi jaan, as we call her. So following things are on the agenda:

1. Big hurray! once i land in 'the promised land'
2. Rub eyes to show disbelief, and suspend it afterward :D
3. Jump, sway, dance, shout, enjoy
4. Hug mother and brother, do it again
5. My first cousin's kids! Awwwww! They came in dream even.... So cute... I survive this city of Lahore by remembering their magical awesomeness... Hug them, kiss them, play with them, video shoot their brilliance moves and dialogues... pray for them!
6. Finally, before you do anything (yes, even to-do # 1) open the to-do list page of home works, around 6-7 things to do :S :/ :( ;( :o :x <_> cheer up! for god's sake, its meant to be play...

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