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Noam Chomski on Globalization

514 years ago a tragedy befell humanity, when human discovered an unpolluted, uninhabited, continent, a vast "virgin" land awaiting to become the greatest nation on earth with a mission to civilize the rest. As you'd have probably guessed, it was America. First it was Europe that had the baton of world's leadership, and now new Europeans claim a virgin territory, although it required little nation-cleansing of Red Indians "for their own good" and to achieve unity of ideas, color and race of their new breeding ground of "humanity last best hope"*. Truly, the mission of white America has been global, ever so more when foreign affair experts realized that local happenings in a far off land of Mozlems can cause catastrophe's at the heart of America (we're no less expected to call the carnage unholy in Islamic terms).

I am surprised by the shocking lack of creativity and unpredictability of US Imperial Mind when it comes to enslaving people - it's just too much predictable. They're very consistent in their policies because only tested methods attract investment and approvals. Be it Haiti, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, etc., US imperialism works on a given pattern. This is also true, as Chomsky shows in detail, of the method and treatment of America's spiritual and actual fathers, namely, Britishers; how they destroyed the wealth of Dacca and unlimited other "good works" that it's pointless and useless for me to discuss (who's on the receiving end) because it serves no good purpose than one important utility: Knowing this history is crucial to protect oneself from mind control by Western and westernized intellectuals who do not get tired reminding us of the infinite blessings white man has conferred on whole humanity and how much we need to learn from them formulas of eternal success. This is like seeking a Messiah in a Dajjal (or Anti-Christ); perhaps this is why he is called so, "One who deceives."

Chomsky does well to expose the true nature, objective and mechanism of "good work" carried out world's "last best hope". He focuses on Haiti as a case study in the first chapter of his book, Hopes and Prospects. (I couldn't see hope with Americans or for its people, as one of their presidents feared great reprimand from God for the "good works" of his people.) Neoliberal policies become the new enslaving system with lots of appeal and good publicity prospects in home and abroad. Today the main problem is that of illusions which victims are fed with. We are lured with prospects of heavens on earth by our own politicians and every other public intellectual or else, so much so that sovereignty is seen worthy of being traded for it, at least in Pakistan (not true for Latin Americans who're always ablaze with spirits of liberation). The essay can be seen as testifying the perspective presented by John Perkins in his Confessions of an Economic Hitman, which exposed imperialist, expansionist policies of America and how it enslaves countries around the world with debt burdens, regime changes, murders, and what not.

In the end of the essay or speech, Chomsky presents two categories of definition for the term globalization: literal and technical. Literal meaning of the term is that of global integration, peace, harmony and cooperation. The technical meaning, albeit how America sees it, is implementation of neoliberal economic policies with use of all kind of violence to preserve and advance all kinds of interests of US global empire.

* A must read: Shahid Alam, "World's Greatest Country: Do the facts lie?"

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