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Spiritual Self-Combat & Edge of Chaos

A life of a believer can be more of a roller coaster; an epic war of ups and downs. The bottom line is to have hopes alive while constantly hitting back enemy posts with reinforcements and counter-attacks. And to die in this frenzy and chaos, perhaps is the main objective... I can easily recall the lessons of edge of chaos theory [see, Competing on Edge, by K. Eisenhardt, et al]. You can't have a well-thought plan or strategy to cope with unpredictable change that can give you pace and stability, helping to stay ahead of the competition, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many. It won't work; because things are out of your control. All you have to have is a semi-coherent vision/strategy with multiple lines of attacks or moves, with a loose underlying structure (of processes and systems, boundaries, rules, regulations, constraints, etc.) - to help you cope with change or an enemy who can usher chaos on you 24/365*n [where n = your life years].
Similarly (more or less), we face an infinitely experience enemy: Shaitan, or satan, which has spread today beyond our wildest imagination. He is the best chess player in the world; has the ability to calculate thousands of moves. We are, however, not powerless. Our biggest weapons are hope and repentance. These two weapons remain the same; the add-ons can vary. We have a large array of weapons at our disposal which can be used randomly to counter-attacks. One exception: one big move can work to please Allah. However, due to low information availability, rapidly changing skies, and veils of creation that make reality confusing should caution us not to fall prey to over confidence. We cannot know the outcome of this epic war until we die. Hence, the basic axiom or golden principle is to keep worshiping (maneuvering and bombing enemies ground and air targets) till we die and achieve certainty. "Hope, I've confused you" (and myself), in words of Sal.

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