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Critical Quality Checks for new Islamic Schools in Pakistan

I met an Islamic scholar who teaches at various leading universities of Pakistan. He is not an educationists in the strict sense of the term, as he doesn't relate himself with formally initiating educational programs, like school, etc. Nonetheless, he provided us with critical remarks on the dilemmas a new Islamic school maker may face and contingencies/solutions to the issues. I's impressed by the far-sightedness of the scholar. And with pessimism I hope to innovate, grow and do things people deny as possibilities. List of quality-checks which sort of contain the ways to tackle the issues:
  • You cannot impose Islamic teachings by ignoring other sciences outside religious studies at school level, because in doing so, you'd be a long-term failure. (A school is best when it serves the Ideals of the system that produces institutions. Producing
  • A faculty lacking spiritual qualities would fail to inculcate Islamic values
  • Without a long-term investment of a few crores, it would not produce sustainable quality
  • Don't make it a business at least for a few years, as a contingency to the challenges of this field
  • You cannot have a bias towards East or West which is outside abode of Islam - if it is of high-quality, benchmark it. Truth is that West has created standards today
  • There are parent reservations, because religious studies are not in these days
  • Feed-back from these who are serving in this field
  • Don't think of starting it unless you've a whole team of teachers, who are spiritually steadfast and professionally proficient.

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