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How to tackle Literary Elephants?

We Ants of literature (i.e., students) are intimidated by Historical Towering Pillars of Literature who Dazzle us with their Magic. Their skill at giving cross-references to so many other works weigh heavily down on our shoulders, when we think of achieving the same level of rigor, depth, breadth and mastery over the subject, no matter how ordinary may the subject-topic be. But, their reign of terror is over. I've been introduced to a weapon of criticism that tells us: The author is giving inter-textual references for what purpose? I think s/he is using it to prove his greatness, show off and impress his/her readers.

Considering this possibility, which we Ants often tread to conceive, is quite liberating :) And as a writer a dose to remain on the Straight Path of humility and courtesy towards mankind.

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