Do it! Umer get used to "Do it!"

Before they do it all!

We need to live this dictum as a nation, at least i do... I read an American writer say that people don't like getting out of their comfort zones, hence its true to assume that most of humans don't wanna do things that cause them pain, not the physical pain, but the pain of worry, anxiety, going against the routine, covering an extra mile, etc. We lie when we say we don't get opportunities, 'cause we can easily create opportunities.

For instance, you work for a company: Can you get a world-class professor train your employees for free from a leading world university say from MIT for many hours? We know how much consultants or trainers cost these days; and some of us would laugh at it, admitting their own shyness. Well, a 2nd-year student at my university arranged a 3-hour session to train university employees and faculty via webinar, by a senior MIT professor for free... And he had never met him, he had no relations with him.

Every day Allah creates opportunities of wealth, learning, growth, etc. out of nowhere. Its our shyness and laziness that fails us, and 5 years or 10 years from now we'll regret. May Allah save us from laziness and lack of courage to sail in rough and harsh seas...

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