Allah doesn't create anything useless: Algae Tech

Fossil fuels, as per technologists, will end in near future. What do we do? Search for sustainable alternative field. You must be familiar with this phrase. Although the problem of environment can be discussed separately, but we hear engineers leading the movement, perhaps without philosophical insights from Islam. Just thinking that by reversing our "bad engineering" into good can transform the situation, notes Dr. Hossein Nasr, is a naive idea. Thinking that by turning to alternative energies can help us out without changing industrialist, consumer mind-set might the biggest mistake we make.

Nonetheless - this isn't topic of the post, but i couldn't help not making a comment - i've an afterthought to share. Look at this picture of Algae below.You must have seen this on walls and on ground. I noticed it from childhood and could never appreciate its worth. i thought, what a useless is that! It sort of irritated me. But, that's where lines are drawn between ignorant and knowledgeable.

This semester, while trying to pursue a technology business idea, i stumbled across an unknown PhD level research going on in my own university in the field of bio-tech. Ms. Someone (i forgot her name) is PhD candidate in the field of bio-tech, who also teaches at my university. She is working on Alage. She has set-up a pilot project, after successful tesing of Alagae's capability of producing bio-diesel - as a direct competitor of fossil fuels, to commercialize the Algae fuel and its by-products.

Although she says it'll take a decade, but the by-products are so overwhelming in quality and importance that it'll come in market.

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