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my biggest problem

i live in the world of fantasies not realities.

Now according to psychologists, fantasies that can't just happen are notthe same as positive high expectations. The latter fuel success; former failure.

But they don't know or don't mention that this is a symptom of spiritual illness. What's my cure?


  1. Start feeling for people,while you have resources you could use them to comfort some-one,then y not???start doing it,consider all this reflection a waste if its not directed towards making a difference in any other's life...
    Ultimately all that counts is "ALLAH's Happiness" and that;s best earned by Serving his people,look at the life of the Prophet ,What it directed towards? Is not the service of people intellectually,morally,physically,educationally,that is there??
    Even ALLAH Himself says:those who feed the poor in HIS love...Stop writing and start doing..convert the "passion" to doing,when you write it gets over and dissolved....

  2. are you an aquarian?

  3. jazakAllah for the response and enjoining me to do good...

    i'm aries...

  4. I'm not so sure about the stop-writing advise, as evidenced by your sub-title Hadith. I also feel that when you say fantasies you refer to those that you haven't exactly written about; rather you are referring to the thinking/imagining kind of fantasies: daydreams, ambitious ones; am I right? I would invite you to contemplate seriously on these fantasies. Compare these to your, others, society's actual circumstance and derive your conclusions on how, why, what, since when, etc. And then you could write on those. You would be influencing others as others would be reading.
    You write good and purposefully and you are sincere. So keep reflecting and sharing.

  5. @rhodora

    this fantasies are not related to ambitions. but momentary day dreaming wishes that past could have been better. that's all...


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