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To do list of a lost wanderer

Inspired by this:
  • to know myself
  • to learn how to argue and think razor sharp
  • to learn to read
  • to learn ahadith
  • to learn Qur'an
  • to master urdu, english, german, persian, arabic, french
  • to become a multi-disciplinary social scientist
  • to achieve highest stages of spiritual path (am i sure?)
  • to become a historiographer
  • to become an expert on modernism and post-colonialsim and post-modernity
  • to become a mureed of Rumi (ra)
  • to take care of my health
  • to jog and excercise regularly
  • to learn to focus by spiritual and psycho-therapatic practices
  • to learn to write books (not not just another book)
  • to not to be a mere book-worm
  • to wage jihad against forces of disruption, injustice and oppressors with heart, mind and life
  • to reflect constantly
  • to fulfill my obligations to attain my shariah granted rights
  • to be faithful to my country and ummah
  • to not to back bite
  • to take care of presentation of my physical being
  • to be near to nature all the time
  • to make a home in a mountaineous regions and work there
  • to be an academic in the service of deen and humanity
  • to love and be loved
  • to take care of my parents and family
  • to marry a devout woman
  • and on and on and on


  1. Wow, Umer! You seem to have stolen my mental "to-do" list! [Of course I would convert the "to marry a devout woman" part to "to marry a devout man (which inshaAllah I soon will!)" and "to become a devout woman!"] :D

    Excellent! I love dreading through it! I hope it serves as a reminder for everyone who comes across it! In words of Ghalib:

    "dekhna taqriir ki lazzat ke jo us ne kaha
    me~ ne ye jaana ke goya ye bhi mere dil me~ tha"

    Good luck with all your endeavours!

  2. :D Hahaha! JazakAllah for the prayer, i pray same for you.

    Yeah i believe with little modifications of professions, many many young muslims would have the to-do list with much more items, i guess !


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