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What is your strategy to change a society?

(Time to reflect deeply)

Do we need surgery or medicine to cure a dying organism, i.e., a society? What approach would you take as an educator in your school; as a family member in your home; or if you are given immense POWER over whole society? Let the bird of your imagination soar in heavenly clouds...


  1. no far fetched imaginative ideas required to answer this question. The only answer: change yourself.

  2. But Changing is tough...
    i find it very difficult to change myself in any way it almost seems impossible. but i know it is not impossible and we can change it just requires a very effective determination and a bundle of blessings from Allah Almighty!
    And as far as changing the society is concerned i believe it requires an unending patience with constant struggle followed by the pray to Allah Almighty. following steps might help according to me:
    1. remind yourself and others again and again what you want to change in them.
    2. Assess your progress daily.
    3. Start denying yourself over small daily habbits you have that hinder your process of changing.
    4. Company matters a lot.

  3. Most eastern people's approach: "Change yourself" and spend whole life as though waiting for that change to occur and how'r you gonna know you are changed by now?...

    Westerner's Approach:
    "Believe that you are changed/different" and strive and work to change others as well...(side by side learning your faults,accept and rectify them in the process of changing others-rather than working on self-presumed faults yourself with no feedback!!!)


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