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Facebook: Consumer or Consumed?

Recently I made a dubious act of creating my friend's facebook account. I deactivated my own facebook account a year ago or so, out of utter frustation. I was frustrated with how much it consumed me, when i was supposed to consumer it. It was no good. I had to write two posts to debunk the myth of usefulness of it. But I failed it in a single phrase:: I consumes you...

This I experienced when i used a bit of his account to set it up. Soon an urge was sweeply mildly to get into this mass culture of verbosity, futility, empty socializing which is deviod of pure human-interaction, all of which backfires what facebook is for: connecting people. Surely, it helps one to find anyone. But that is only the beginning point beyond which it can never go. And 90% or more people are involved in absolute things even beyond non-essential, bordering on insanity (shooting people by pressing a button without even seeing him, clicking mouse 74 times in a minutes, and list never ends).

As far as the recent attack on FB from Islamic quarters and the counter-attack from modernized Pakistani media writing sentimental poetry about it, writing editorials (showing their ideological slavery to profane Western ideologies), etc., though mild - I wish to say only this: Priorities determine how you view this. Those whose live revolve around a person, their Prophet, whom they love above everything else, their priority is to defend their freedom to free their Beloved, their Supreme Asset from any insult. It went counter to the right of a (disturbing) civilization, and its perpeterators in East, to insult.

When I entered his account, I felt an urge, as I said, to come back to FB. To join the mass culture, in culture. And do away with my identity and my immediate enviornment. To shameless ads on left, right, top and bottom . . . I did not feel at home. This proves the point Shaykh Hamza Yusuf made about TV which fits 100% for FB: Those who leave it, ifthey find themselves wasting their time on it, their quality of life improves. And. They don't wish to use it again.


  1. That's exactly what i used to say(showing their ideological slavery to profane Western ideologies) in my heart listening to the political talk-shows when I see some individuals siding Westerners and America,unnecessarily,pointlessly and sometimes even when its shear illogical..
    Some people say they are paid for this, but even if they are not paid they by their nature are not able to think independently!!(Ma'azALLAH)
    And this fact is not correct only for those who display it verbally but also for those who display it as their lifestyles,dressing,wrong ways of socializing etc.
    May ALLAH make us such powerful to Follow the right path,if he has by his mercy given us light to distinguish it!!Ameen.

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