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Top 10 Sites I visit whenever I open Internet Explorer

It doesn't mean that I only use Internet Explorer, which I have to use when Chrome of FireFox don't work. It means - I asked myself what do i do everytime i use internet, i.e., what sites i almost always visit. This would help me become more self-conscious, maybe, of what I am now. Those who 'compete on the edge' live in today, (see Competing on the Edge, HBSP).

1. Gmail
Thou my GHQ, my runway, my shuttle, my launching pad to travel to Mars and beyond, my baby, my kabootar (pigeon), my post office, my railway, my aeroplane. Enough.

2. Google
For reference guide to anything of which i am ignorant except getting information on Islamic law and theology. What I cherish most about it is whenever i come across a new worthy author, Google makes me happy by allowing to delve deep into the bio of the author, although i can contain very erratic information uploaded by heinous beings. Recently it helped me understand better two very important Muslim (convert) scholars: John Ahmed Herlihy, whose Modern Man at the Crossroads, chapter # 2 on origins of man (scientific and religious critique of macro-evolution) i'm reading these days; and Sheikh Ragip Robert Frager al Jerrahi, an amazing psychologist who is also a sufi and his works integrate psychology (of west) and sufism. Both are very important authors who have written widely, who know modern world better than anyone but at the same are well-versed in modern science and traditional world-view of Islam and spirituality, as well. They deserve wide and intense readership, especially by modern young Muslim who faces the challenges of modernity to Tradition and religious world-view of Islam.

Apart from that, i browse it for pics for this blogs... And for fighter jet images, can't forget that.

3. ESEF: Elementary Society to Excel in Future (Estd. 2008)
ESEF is a non-political, yet not lacking political baseerat (insight/vision), social welfare and spiritual organization founded by high school (FSc, Pakistan) toppers back in 2008. It right now entertains young students seeking career counselling for undergrad education through its website and test preparation services (off-net). its students are very charitable who visit social welfare institutions in groups to get inspired, for they love service to mankind. Responding to flood crisis in Pakistan, they are raising funds and have volunteers on stand-by ready to be deployed with a given plan in any affected area, inshaAllah.
Old Website.
New Website.

My academic love is flourishing with SSRN these days, may it never see a fall. Social Science Research Network, mashaAllah, is the best free research papers website covering (almost) all fields in social science, from public policy to management (all business fields covered) to philosophy and English literature, and what not. Perhaps more than 80% top research papers or cases are for free to view and download! Wholesale! Just register with an email and commence operation unbounded research!

5. Dr Asad Zaman's website
Its grace of God that I've discovered this man first in Intellect Magazine, which published his life-story from darkness (disbelief, atheism) to Nur Allah (light, Islam), and then i found him and his research work on net. Links to his websites are as follows:

6. InfoTrac-College.Com
With over 20 million articles in all subjects, this is a researcher's choice to be at. Access is not free for all, only with a password, often given freely with a "Thomson Learner's" text, can one log in and enjoy the spring of unlimited access to unlimited research topics, newspaper, journals and what not.
if you want access to it, just email at: i'll be very happy to share it with you :)

7. Youtube
Usually I consume it to enlighten my soul and intellect lectures by hamza yusuf, abdal hakim murad, Nuh Mim Keller, Islamic convert story (interesting research area for social scientists), tilawah, etc.

8. Hamza's Book Writing Effort: Astronomy for Teens
This haphazardly design site is dedicated to assist (hopefully) a 14-year old Pakistani student writing an introductory book on astronomy. News chapters are uploaded on it, and bibliography is being maintained. He deserves much attention and appreciation. You'll find his writing to be fluent and accurate, though with pardonable grammatical errors, for his knowledge of history and of science is quite up-to-date. He doesn't just memorize facts, which are crucial, but also entertains me with his hypothesis.

What he needs at this point is rigorous education in astronomy. He has just read Hawking's A Brief History of Time, but couldn't fully understand complex ideas. Secondly, we also needs directions on the content and form of the book. Astronomy professors would do it.

Hosts almost all articles and links to the other works, audios, etc of Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (click to visit) and Shaykh Nuh Mim Keller.

10. Towards the Reign of 'Quality': Umer Toor's Blog
Only for you.

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