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Are you retiring?

On the news, they're informing inhabitants of this 20th century "nation-state" (a dubious invention of moderns) about the retirement schedule of its giants and men of courage and honour (and this and that), namely, Lt. Generals of Pure Pakistan Ltd. dot-com - "Give me cash, Give me extension", the company site says.

As a corollary, being a "self-examining" person, I wondered if I had any retirement schedules waiting for me. Then, as I recalled and shared with my home's care-takers, I too would be retiring from university education in 2012. They became happy about it, as many of the generals, burden of nation, would be retiring from their (hunting and killing) job in 2012. We have a match, at least.

Let us pray that our generals live long. May Allah provide them best of the garments and food and drinkable stuff as per their likings. May they sleep and we protect them. May we never use 'fear-tactics' to curtail their civil rights and their liberty. May we never create problems for them traveling freely from one province to the other. May we never kill their rabbits and pet animals in northern areas and Baluchistan. May we never allow India to supply its dirty ammunition through our roads, and never allow private companies to provide it logistic support, to win Russia's praise. May we never create situation in which bad people can bribe them and loot and pillage their stuff. May we become shields in the sky to help foreign bombs avoid hitting their camps and cantonment areas, even if we have to become carpets to avoid carpet bombing our their units. But we would never make apologies over the civilian deaths, and kill all "Islamist militants" that come their way. Ameen! Ameen! *tears*

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