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Academic Wish-List: Path i want to tread

i've wasted a lot of time in relation to my quest. wasted 4 years as such in a degree that is hardly of any worldly utility and nor for my stammering, scholarly ambitions. having failed to fulfill the janoon to become a fighter pilot, i'm lost!!! thoughtlessly going into a job field seems a cowardly act. i've one more chance to re-boot and pursue a dedicated, no matter how inter-disciplinary field that fits my grand non-monetary, unworldly, intellectual quests.

My quest is ultimately search for Absolute at personal and academic level. For that i've to master many disciplines including logic, grammar, philosophy, metaphysics, irfan, methods of analysis & description, mathematical thinking at deep levels, jurisprudence, legal theories, and above all knowledge and understanding of the Revelation. These are the fields our Muslim forefathers would have mastered at 17 or 18 as in case of many. I know none!


  1. Whoa !Its magnanimity sweeps me off my feet...
    May Allah bless you with mastery of these disciplines.
    There's only one discipline I want to master and that is self-discipline!

  2. :D Hahaha!

    Aameen...... Thanks for visiting...

  3. Umer Toor,
    Your marvellous wish list needs to be prioritized, only thereafter, you may target accordingly with full focus like an EAGLE/FALCON.--Hopefully you would be an achiever, however, nothing can happen without the decree of Allah SWT.
    You should keep your eggs not in one basket alone; meaning alternatives are the way to go - just in case - if u know what I mean!
    I may be reached at . My blog is just a click away.

  4. JazakaAllah al-khayr for commenting. Its very helpful, really.

    As for hedging the eggs... I'm not sure... But this is what's good about such rigorous programs which have variety of applications...


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