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What do i envy?

I envy:

  • people who know nature of things
  • people in love with Allah and his Prophet
  • people who are bay-niyaz, i.e., to whom nothing matters except will of God
  • non-mercenary, really patriotic and morally aware FIGHTER PILOTS! [My only janoon/extreme passion-obsession-love: a realm beyond that of love/ishq and anything else you know; pure passion: in which one personifies his target job/field/role and behaves like one everyday; only such janoonis as per psychiatrists outperform the rest and do miracles no one else can dare imagine doing]
  • productive people, especially academically 
  • people with expertise
  • people with encyclopedic knowledge of fields that really matter, like philosophy, medicine, fiqh, history, mathematics, physics, metaphysics, etc., not fluff being taught in universities - the outliers in non-outliers
  • people with indomitable courage
  • with vision, wisdom, perseverance, people knowledge
  • bloggers who get lot of comments
  • people who can theorize and explain through essays and even books with lot of evidence (either factual or mental/logical/metaphysical/philosophical)
  • people on the right track! fixated please...
  • people with cute children [can i adopt one being single?] and devout wives (hoors later)

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