Pursuit of Satisfaction

For some time recently, I've been perplexed by self-projections and how i should judge my myself. Should i judge myself from my professional (ie academic) achievements, or the quantitative influence of my work (though I'm yet to produce a single thing)? This all sounded egoistic afterwards, as soon as i tried to reduce the anxiety by little introspection from a spiritual point of view. But. Even this spiritual understanding of my ambitions didn't solve the conundrum. I got the answer from iqbal's persian poem.

(English trans by me from Urdu)

Laazt e sair ast maqsood e safar.
Gar nigah bar aashiyan dari mapar.

Purpose of journey is in its pleasure.
If you aim at your destination/home, don't fly

Zindagi juz lazzat e parwaz neest

Ashiyan ba fitrat e Oo saaz neest

Life is nothing but taste of flight.
Ashiyana (home) is not nourishing for his nature


  1. how to judge oneself? a real confusing question at times. Really good verses shared :)

  2. :)

    Well there are many yardsticks. The satisfying i find, reflecting on great leaks by those who secretly harmed humanity and benefited from it etc., show that even if they don't follow a Revealed Tradition, CONSCIENCE IS THE BEST JUDGE!

    I recently have wasted a lot of time in rigmoraling! I'm in severe anxiety attacks thanks to innate accountability system. What matters is my following inner light or suppressing my conscience.

    Yet, it all comes in one way or another - beyond realm of conscience - one's acceptance of 'matter' has godless "god" or even transcending materialistic reasoning, and believing in the Unseen, the Absolute! So what I am arguing or asserting (if you like) is the Supremacy of Intellection through a Revelation.

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